Through and around every person and living thing flows energy, a field of invisible vibrations that connects us to Earth. Reiki (霊気 = universal life energy) is an old Japanese natural healing modality, born in the belief that anyone can learn how to clear, relax and heal themselves and others by channeling this universal energy. Dr. Usui (1865-1926) developed the Art of Usui Reiki out of his recognition that ultimately we are all responsible for healing ourselves, and that being well and in balance is first of all a matter of attitude and receptivity. People, he realised, may be ill because they worry, because they are habitually angry and resentful, or because they perceive themselves as separate from the rest of life or deny their feelings and needs.

Reiki is a natural, tranquil and powerful way to receive healing and open up to increased consciousness. In a Reiki session, the practitioner works, hands-on, with the channeling and flow of the universal life energy. The client feels this through releasing of emotions, deep grounding and relaxation. A Reiki session is a source of deep healing; it rejuvenates the body and mind as well as the connection between these two.




“After a Reiki session with Kuldip I always feel re-aligned and connected - to myself and to life. It is a space of intuitive and accurate healing; any challenges in my physical and energetic body are replaced with courage and flow.”

Maria, Helsinki