We believe that the journey toward inner peace and power begins with the body. When our bodies are tight, stressed and out of alignment this place is difficult to reach. Physical dysfunction can be due to many different circumstances such as stress, injuries, traumas, negative self image and poor diet just to name a few. By releasing the body's restrictions you can start to feel more open, more alive and have a lightness of being. 

We provide somatic Bodywork to unlock dysfunction in the body and help ease the mind. We call this unique system TAIYO Bodywork™ and it incorporates the best of both eastern and western techniques. It is internationally recognized for it’s effectiveness, intuitive accuracy and long-lasting results.

To maintain balance and personal growth we encourage TAIYO/SYNC™. This gentle hands-on stress-relief method stimulates higher brain function and activates the body's natural healing abilities. We suggest TAIYO/SYNC™ on a weekly basis for best results.

We also encourage Kundalini Yoga to improve your flexibility and inner strength. These ancient techniques will help to keep your body healthy and vital in just a short amount of time. We offer weekly Kundalini classes, workshops and intensive retreats. 


Where the mind goes, energy follows. In order for us to develop a healthy relationship with our mind, we need to be able to create distance from it. Distance helps us understand our true emotions, what we most fear and the belief systems that no longer serve us. 

Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation we begin to harness the power of the mind. This gives us the ability to create healthier thoughts, positive lifestyle habits and develop the skill to listen. Meditative practice also helps build up productive skills to cope with the pressures of the world. Maintaining a bountiful relationship to our mind takes continuous work. We offer courses, classes, workshops and intensive retreats that gives you effective and practical tools not just to cope with stress and pressure, but to succeed in the face of them.


Our spiritual nature is constantly showing us when we are in harmony with life and when we are not. The deeper parts of ourselves speak to us in many different ways. In order for us to hear and feel it, we need to have the awareness, openness and certainty that it requires.  

TAIYO was originally taught as a Martial Arts because it demands a level of trust and belief in ourselves. As this trust and belief develops within us, we start to experience our spiritual nature. By teaching us how to better listen, trust, follow and embody our spirit, the Martial Arts becomes more than just punching and kicking, it becomes a way of living.