TAIYO 太陽 is Japanese for 'the Sun' — our source of light, energy, and life. For thousands of years, people have worshiped the Sun for its wisdom and its power. The Teachings of TAIYO is based on the understanding that within each one of us contains our very own source of wisdom and power. TAIYO is a path of discovery. Originally taught as a Martial Art, today it is also applied through the Healing Arts and Yogic Practices. 

TAIYO first came to the US in the late 1970's when in New York City, Richard McGinty; a state champion and one of the co-founders of American Combat karate, came in contact with these teachings and met his Master. This quite humble and small man was able to move Rich, a champion fighter, with little or even no contact. After this experience, Rich knew that this man embodied something very profound that he wanted to learn. After many years of dedicated training with his teacher, Rich was given the title of Grandmaster Hung Ho (Red Tiger).

In a chance encounter Rich met a young Kuldip (8 y) and began teaching him the Art of TAIYO. Over the years of training, Kuldip has seen how these teachings continue to evolve and change with each heart it touches. To this day these teachings are constantly shifting and growing, and they continue to inspire anyone with the right intention and heart. 

In 1998 Kuldip discovered Kundalini Yoga taught by Yogi Bhajan, which opened his world to new concepts, lifestyle choices and meditative practices. Shortly after this experience he met healing teacher Dyal S. Khalsa, NMT who shared his knowledge of bodywork and the Usui Reiki System. What made this bodywork so unique was how it unlocked an old emotional injury in Kuldip in a way that nothing else had. Dyal was masterful in helping people find inner peace through working with the physical body.

Kuldip began his 7-year training with Dyal, in which he learned the methods of bodywork based on Yogi Bhajan's teachings and Mark Lamm's BioSync®. In addition to this unique bodywork system, Kuldip studied the Usui Reiki system, and became both Reiki Master and Teacher. After receiving the certification of Neuromuscular Therapist, Kuldip started bringing his experience of the Martial Arts into the Bodywork, and with the help of Grandmaster Hung Ho TAIYO Bodywork was developed. 

Kuldip's understanding of TAIYO can be felt in the Bodywork, Yoga Classes, Reiki sessions, workshops, and training. Kuldip brings these teachings to the international stage helping teachers and students connect to their power through TAIYO. Since people are holistic beings made up of Body, Mind, and Spirit, all these aspects need to be healthy and nourished. What was originally a family style of Martial Arts, TAIYO today has evolved into a universal institution that brings Body, Mind and Spirit together in the shapes of Bodywork, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Martial Arts. Our path of discovery continues to evolve and grow through each person.