The Martial Arts teach us how to merge with our true nature. It is not just about punching and kicking, it's really about trusting and believing. Traditionally, TAIYO was taught from family member to family member as internal Martial Art. However,  since its introduction to the west it has been taught more openly with anyone who was willing to open their hearts to it. 

The essence of  these teachings can be found in the core of all Martial Arts. It's origins has been found first in Tibet, then moving across the Northern Provinces of China, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Iran and westward to the United States of America. Our family currently holds this knowledge and we call it 'Taiyodo' (the way of the sun). We respect and honor all true Martial Arts because the teachings that we practice are living within each of them.

The Art of TAIYO combines physical forms (katas), flowing techniques, breath work, sacred kanji, and energy movements to harness different qualities of Chi (energy), such as fire, water, air, earth and void. 



"This has had an enormous impact on my life by getting in touch with my anger and finding my own power."
Noora,  Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Author, Finland

"The Art of TAIYO has helped me find my inner warrior. It has taught me to accept whatever is, and trusting myself. Thank you for helping me come closer to my inner strength and peace."
Martial Arts Student, Helsinki

"This Martial Art has taught me that there is power and wisdom inside me. Being able to relax in stressful situations is letting that wisdom work. It is kind of magic, but you have to trust that magic."
A. Kiiski, Helsinki  

"Training this Martial Art has taught me discipline and confidence, helping my growth both personally and professionally."
Sensei Matt Borrusso, Technology Specialist, New York