The Intuitive Arts® is a system of understanding that teaches a person how to harness and use their inner energy whilst developing a deep connection to their intuition. These teachings have their origins in the Internal Martial Arts. It consists of teachings and practices that can quite quickly connect us to our intuitive nature. Our ability to remain calm, stay centered and connected with our intuition is one of life’s greatest tools and guidance. However, when we are surrounded by circumstances that are everything but  calm and balanced we can easily get distracted and disconnected from our connection. 

We have created training programs to re-establish, refine, and master this gift. Our training programs begin with basic workshops such as ‘Developing the Intuition’, ‘Emotional Detoxification’ & ‘Your Chakras and You’ to build a strong foundation and prepare for the deeper understandings of clear intuition. We provide weekly classes and one-on-one lessons to advance the student to develop more self mastery and truly feel confident in their own being.