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Womens Self Defense / Helsinki // 15.09, 29.09 and 13.10

  • Kundaliinijoogakoulu 33 Laivurinkatu Helsinki, 00150 Finland (map)

DATE: September 15th, September 29th and October 13th.
TIME: 11.00-13.00
LOCATION: Laivurinkatu 33 (Kundaliinijooga Helsinki)
PRICE: 180€ for all three  / 65€ for each individual workshop (DROP IN, NO REGISTRATION NEEDED!)



Do you know how to communicate your physical and emotional boundaries? How to stay aware in uncomfortable situations and protect yourself? How to trust yourself and flow when you are unprepared?

This Falls Self Defense course for women provides education you'll take with you for the rest of your life. You'll learn how to recognise your own strength and acknowledge your courage. How to feel comfortable and confident when faced with different real-life situations. Practice how to listen, trust and act on your intuition. Find comfort in the art of physical, emotional and spiritual self protection. 

Even though less prominent in history, many women were members of the 'bushi' (samurai) class in feudal Japan and engaged in battle alongside the samurai men. The Onna-bugeisha was a type of female Martial Artist belonging to the Japanese nobility, specialised in protecting their homes, families and honour in times of war (pictured is Takeko Nakano, born 1847).

The teachings of this workshop draws from the spirit of these women. With a modern approach to ancient techniques, you will be given empowering end effective tools that can be applied on your every-day life. During the three-part workshop series we work with integrating self defense in the Body, Mind and Spirit.


WORKSHOP 1 (September 15th) - BODY: 
We will learn how to feel where our physical boundaries are and how to maintain them without anger or aggression. Feel comfortable in our own bodies by discovering where our power is. Learn how to physically defend ourselves without the need for violence.

WORKSHOP 2 (Septmeber 29th) - MIND:
We begin to practice working through some of our external and internal fears. Learn techniques that helps to find a deeper more calm state despite a threat before us. Bring us closer to finding more of our self-trust and courage to believe in our power.

WORKSHOP 3 (October 13th) - SPIRIT:
We learn how to move our internal energy to let potential threats know that we are in our power. Learn to use our internal energy to calm a situation down either on the street or in the boardroom. Learn how to feel someone else’s anger without getting involved. Learn how to feel our inner spirit and how it communicates with us.

It is highly recommended to attend all workshops for a deeper experience however it is not necessary or required to join.

The course language is english, but with Finnish translations provided by assisting teachers Annu Kiiski and Raisa Uljas. 


Instructor Sensei Kuldip Singh Khalsa has been a practitioner of the TAIYO Martial Arts since 1984. He has been teaching workshops and classes all the way from New York, South America, to Europe. Khalsa is also a Kundalini Yoga techer, a Somatic Bodyworker, a husband and a father. This workshop series was developed to give women a safe space to discover and practice their power and the art of self defense.

"I am raised by women, and I now raise a girl, who someday will be woman. I designed this course to give back some of what I have learned over the years in both Martial Arts and Kundalini Yoga. I want to create a space where women can learn and experience the importance of awareness, self-trust and personal protection."