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Kundalini 101 Introduction course / Helsinki

  • Kundaliinijooga Helsinki 33 Laivurinkatu Helsinki, 00150 Finland (map)

Kundalini Yoga is a set of tools, developed and refined over thousands of years, that provides a new level of health, a deeper awareness and maximizes our potential.

This course is an introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Through Physical Movement, Mental Exercise and Meditative Pracitce, we find connection and balance between our Body, Mind and Spirit. This course is a perfect start from where it is easy to attend our weekly classes. It also suits a more experienced yogi that wants to learn the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga as well as understand its applications. 

Part 1: the body

This first part of the course is dedicated to stimulating and strengthening the physical body. You will learn how to unlock areas in your body and keep the body open and flexible. Encouraging the body to remain open and flowing not only helps you maintain a positive outlook but also engages the mind in a healthy and positive way.  
The different kriyas (practices) of Kundalini Yoga awakens, activates and empowers your body in just a short amount of time. They are known to have great effects in keeping the body vital,  improving flexibility and amplifying inner strength. In addition to this Kundalini Yoga also improves your body’s systems such as the nervous-, glandular-, circulatory- and digestive systems.

The specific breath techniques helps us feel both more calm and energised, while directly working with healing our weakened nervous system. You will learn what a great impact the breath has on the body and the mind, aiding you towards flexibility, positivity and peace.

You will learn:
- basic anatomy and physiology
- the importance of the lymphatic system
- basic Kundalini Yoga postures
- introduction to bandhas (body locks)
- introduction to pranayamas (breath work)
- yogic diet and lifestyle
- emotions and the body

Part 2: the mind

In the second part of the course we focus on the mind. The mind has a direct impact on our understanding of yoga as well as our yoga practice. In this part of the course we will learn and use asanas, breath work, meditation and mental focus.  When a person obtains a certain level of control of their mind, their yoga practice deepens significantly and true transformation can occur
Asanas give us the opportunity to hold the body still while moving the breath and allowing the mind to come forward for us to observe. It is a way to get into the mind more easily.
Breathwork is a powerful tool to redirect the mind by first relaxing it and then bringing it to a more neutral setting. Once we learn how to do this we can start to become less reactive, more productive and better manage stress.
Meditation and mental focus comes more easily when the body is stretched and the breath is open. Meditation helps us shape our thought patterns, belief systems and opens our intuition.

You will learn:
- the body - mind connection; how they effect each other
- your breath and it’s power on your thoughts
- changing and overcoming habits
- different mudras and their effect on the mind
- introduction to Kundalini meditations
- the first steps to understanding your own belief systems and how they effect you

Part 3: the spirit

The third part of this course will focus on the spirit. It is the deepest aspect of ourselves and we can learn how to consciously connect to it. Yoga means to unite or connect and its ultimate goal is to show us how to connect with ourselves. It is a empowering system teaching us that life is more than just survival.
In this final segment of the course we will recognize our spiritual nature and learn what it takes to maintain a strong connection to it. We will work with specific postures, breath work and Meditations that will bring us closer to the spiritual nature of Kundalini Yoga.
Asanas help to create enough space in our body and mind to actually have an experience of our spiritual side. The body is a doorway into the mind and the mind is a way into the spirit. Breathwork and meditation will allow our mind to relax and become more receptive so we can have a deeper experience of ourselves.

You will learn:
- spirituality and your yoga practice
- the importance of true balance between body, mind and spirit
- how to feel the connection to your spiritual nature
- introduction to the chakra system
- the art of intuition
- the aura and how it affects your life
- energetic and spiritual boundaries

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