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Unbreakable Spirit / York, England

  • The Rising Dawn Sanctuary Ash Lane York, YO42 4SW England (map)

The journey toward an Unbreakable Spirit™ will shape and shift the rest of your life. It will ask you to come face to face with your fears and stand firmly in your power. You will learn techniques from the traditions of Kundalini Yoga and the Martial Arts of TAIYO to truly step into your power.

May 3rd Friday: 6PM-7.30PM INTRODUCTION TALK
May 4th Saturday: 10AM-6PM WORKSHOP

Nam Prakash Kaur — The Rising Dawn Sanctuary


Kuldip Singh Khalsa, Sensei

Kuldip is a teachers teacher; counselling many of the top yoga teachers and business professionals in the world. He has extensive training in Kundalini Yoga, Martial Arts and the Healing Arts. Kuldip is a master bodyworker of TAIYO, with a full time practice in both Helsinki and New York. He lives with his wife and two children in Helsinki, Finland.

Jivan Mukta, PhD (A.k.a. J.F. Lafontaine)

Jivan is a Teacher, Trainer and Mentor of Kundalini Yoga level 1 and 2. He is the creator and Director of the Meditative Healing Program™ and the Total Man Training™. Jivan is a Historian, Political Scientist and Doctor in Study of Religions. Astrologer, sport's fan, vegan cook, husband and father. Born in Chile in 1977, living in Europe since 2003.


As part of the Unbreakable Spirit™ workshops, we support the individuals and communities to heal and connect. Fixing broken hearts, broken minds and broken bodies are part of our expertise, that we apply through the powerful skills of TAIYO/SYNC™ and Meditative Healing™.

TAIYO/SYNC™ is proven to be a powerful stress-relief process with instant effects. We look at it as a holistic way to 'bring you home'. Using a gentle and quick hands-on method this work helps your body restore vitality and come back into balance. 

The TAIYO/SYNC™ process sends a sensory input into the brain, awakening both hemispheres, allowing the stress-related pattern in your brain to be broken. This allows you to function more fully; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This work is not concerned with healing or curing anyone, only in assisting you to come into the most favorable condition where the body can heal itself. TAIYO/SYNC™ sessions take 15 minutes, however the effects can last for many days.

Learn more about TAIYO/SYNC™ here or contact Kuldip Singh Khalsa on for more information.

A Meditative Healing™ healing session begins with an explorative discussion about the (physical and non-physical) issues that are affecting the patient. The patient then lies down in a comfortable position to receive a Meditative Healing™ session. After the session, the practitioner and patient normally discuss the best ways to continue the healing progress and create a healthier condition.

Meditative Healing™ sessions have three main uses: 1. To prevent illness (by enhancing health, vitality & decreasing stress levels), 2. To develop self-awareness and a connection to one’s organic being, 3. To overcome physical and mental illnesses.

Learn more about Meditative Healing™ here or contact Jivan Mukta on for more information.

Later Event: September 28
Prana Lab / Helsinki