The gross form of the mind is in the body and the subtle form of the body is in the mind - every mental knot has a corresponding physical knot and every physical knot has a corresponding mental knot. Physical, emotional, environmental and chemical stress and trauma - all life experiences and emotions are stacked and stored in the physical and energetic body, creating knots and blocks. These blocks manifest themselves as mental or physical obstacles, tension and pain, contributing to habitual patterns and limitations in all aspects of a persons life.

TAIYO Bodywork® is a one-of-a-kind experience of expansive emotional and physical release. With different but equally sophisticated and conscious techniques, blocks in the body are being addressed, creating a place for deep opening and unlocking. The result is release of dormant energy  — the body regains its vitality and strength and the mind becomes light, creative and balanced.

This unique healing modality is internationally recognised for it's effectiveness, intuitive accuracy and long-lasting results. It acts somato-physically; through the body to the mind, promoting full body potential, self-healing and balance. With a well and personally chosen set of yoga and meditation, together with regular bodywork, full body potential is activated and can be experienced as increased confidence in all areas of life. 

Originally developed by and with Yogi Bhajan and his personal bodyworker Dyal Singh Khalsa, this healing art was handed down and taught directly to Kuldip Singh Khalsa. Kuldip deeply studied and taught this art for almost a decade with his teacher Dyal Singh. After his many years of training he further added his lifelong understanding of the internal Martial Arts, and so the healing art transformed into its current state -TAIYO Bodywork®. Being one of his greatest passions in life, Kuldip continues to create a space for people to ’Heal and be Real’ in the Age of Aquarius.




“Today's session was nothing short of exceptional. Kuldip radiates warmth, compassion, grace and professionalism. I've had bodywork all over the world and I confess I'm pretty particular (I don't let people with murky energy or porous boundaries work on me). The clarity and coherence of Kuldip's energy field, combined with his impeccable boundaries and flawless skills, invites trust. What I experienced today was no mere bodywork session, but rather an embodied art form.”

Kimberly Jackson, New York City

"I have access to the best bodyworkers in NYC, and still, earlier this year I traveled to see him in Helsinki for work on my neck, spine and auric field. He is extraordinarily intuitive and trauma sensitive."

Paramatma Siri Sadhana, New York City

“Kuldip’s masterful approach not only adjusts the body, but nourishes, guides and comforts the soul. His work aligns and leads your whole body back on track. Sign up! You’re in great hands.”

Dara Hart, New York City

“Kuldip Singh Khalsa’s healing practice feels to me like a fierce and loving presence that moves back and forth through time and space, working with all of the 10 (or more) bodies we have from the most subtle, energetic, to the most dense, physical, back and forth, into whatever is needed. I felt accepted as a totality in his presence, and therefore perceived my own wholeness. In that space my knee which I injured and had surgery on as a teenager, and my never quite healed dislocated collarbone, and the grief in my heart from many intimate losses all had the time and space to be integrated and to re-align themselves. The healing space that he holds is so stable that I think as a result I was open to and willing to let go of and heal what I needed to. It felt like Kuldip Singh moved through the past with me and opened up the spaces of my future possible self or selves.”

Amy Hosig, New York City

“After a treatment I feel more relaxed, my whole body is less tense, sometimes even tired, but in a pleasant way as after a nice workout when endorphins had been realized. I usually feel a bit like floating, like in another dimension, my mind is clearer and aware of other aspects that I usually I do not pay attention. It is such a wonderful experience that I can only recommend everyone to have one to feel what I try to explain. And then will realized that you want another one.”

Monica Saez, Helsinki