Next Stop: Your Power


Over the past three weeks the core of what we do and how we would like to see ourselves doing it, has become more and more clear for us. Our mission is very simple; 'to connect people to their power'. This might sound like a very tall order, however, it is not very difficult once you experience it.

It is not uncommon that we, going through phases in life, lose ourselves and our power.  The reasons can be many; harmful social environments, our own behavioural patterns or simply circumstances. Fortunately, there is always a way back into our power. Our mission is to bring you the tools and teach you how they work.

Working with students of all backgrounds and ages we so often hear how natural and uncomplicated this all is. We agree, it not that complicated, in fact it comes down to trust. Trusting ourselves, our insight and our gut feeling.

The Teachings Of TAIYO rely on three important practices that represent Body, Mind and Spirit. These consist of Somatic Bodywork, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and Internal Martial Arts.  Even though powerful on their own, together these tools can transform you. 

While the bodywork helps release deep pain and misalignment in our body and Kundalini Yoga helps bring awareness and clarity to our mind, the Martial Arts shows us how to bring our body, mind and spirit together. Only then can you feel, trust and believe in your power. 

/ Kuldip