Coming Home

On the train coming home. 

On the train coming home. 

Over the many years of training in the Martial Arts and practicing Kundalini Yoga, there was always something that didn't fully click for me. Even though I felt healthy, strong, open and optimistic, there was still a feeling of pieces not falling into place. I would go to our Martial Arts classes and would constantly hear: 'Kuldip, you need to come into your center for it to flow completely'.

Being a accomplished yogi, a Sikh and a Martial Artist this was something my ego didn't want to hear. I felt that at this point in my training being centered was something I already had attained, so being confronted was quite frankly difficult  and tough to admit. However, no matter how much you try, the truth will eventually prevail.

One day I had a chat with my Sensei (teacher) in the dojo (training room), and I asked: 'How do I work on getting to this place you are asking me to?'. Sensei said: 'First, you need to physically feel it, from your feet all the way up to your head. Let us start there; point your feet forward, slightly bend your knees, adjust the breath so it feels soft but full, and then allow yourself to feel comfortable in your body. Truly comfortable!'

We worked on this for 3 years and every time I would come to class, Sensei would feel if I had practiced correctly or not. He would be consistent and always accentuate: 'Make this art your way of life Kuldip'.

I trained every day, and in every possible way, to really feel myself in my center like Sensei had asked me to. My disciplined practice showed on the mat in the dojo. Like with anything, some days were better than others, but it still showed in how I was able to flow through the Martial Arts techniques, how I would conversate with friends and family and most importantly how it affected the Bodywork practice positively.

I started to incorporate this teaching into everything. The effect was magnificent, I was able to feel everything so much more deeply and genuinely. I practice these teachings everyday and everywhere. This is one of the biggest reasons I am most passionate about sharing the Martial Arts; what you do in the dojo transposes to your everyday life. Through these teachings one can embody an new awareness and openness and truly be in one's center.

/ Kuldip

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