TAIYO/SYNC® is proven to be a powerful stress-relief process with instant effects. We look at it as a holistic way to 'bring you home'. Using a gentle and quick hands-on method this work helps your body restore vitality and come back into alignment. 

One of the many negative impacts of stress is its effect on the body. When you are in a stress-response state your brain locks into one hemisphere, while the other one becomes more passive. This creates misalignment in the physical body and greatly reduces your energy levels.

The TAIYO/SYNC® process sends a sensory input into the brain, awakening both hemispheres, allowing the stress-related pattern in your brain to be broken. This allows you to function more fully; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A TAIYO/SYNC® session takes only 15 minutes, however the effects are deeply profound and can be felt for days afterward.




“My weekly TAIYO/SYNC™ sessions helps me maintain balance, focus and energy throughout the week. Absolutely necessary for riding the waves of everyday life.”
Lotta, Helsinki

“TAIYO/SYNC is perfect for shifting you out of your head and into your body. Everything feels a little lighter and I can breathe a little deeper.”

C. Ford, Helsinki