Khalsa is the International Ambassador and Lead Trainer for TAIYODO International. He is a Master Bodyworker, Teacher and Mentor. Kuldip has extensive training in the Martial Arts (34 years), Kundalini yoga (20 years) and in the Healing Arts (18 years). He holds professional licenses and certifications in these fields.

Kuldip is a New York native, and that is where he, at the age of eight met Grandmaster Richard McGinty (Hong Hu) and began to train Martial Arts with him. Since that day in 1984 he has been forever grateful to his Sensei (teacher) for being consistently loving, strong, wise and giving.

In his early twenties he was introduced to Kundalini Yoga, which opened his world to new concepts, lifestyle choices and meditative practices. Shortly after this experience he met healing teacher Dyal S. Khalsa, NMT who shared his extensive knowledge of bodywork and Reiki.  

Khalsa is a teachers teacher; he has counselled and taught many of the top yoga teachers and business professionals in the world.  One of his greatest pleasures comes from being a husband and a loving father to his two children. Khalsa lives and maintains a full time practice in Helsinki, Finland and is available for professional training in TAIYO Bodywork, Martial Arts and Kundalini Yoga worldwide.



Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (700h)
The Center for Neuromuscular, Psychosomatic and Somatopsychic Studies

Certified Massage Therapist (630h)
Crestone Healing Arts Center

Certified International level One Instructor (200h)
The Kundalini Research Institute

Reiki III Master (6 years)
Usui Shiki Ryoho

Toro No Jutsu/ Taiyodo Martial Arts (34 yrs)
Grandmaster Hong Hu