Grand Master

Grand Master Hong Hu (Richard McGinty) is the director of Martial Arts Training for TAIYODO International. He is a teacher and mentor to many students around the world. With his fifty five years experience and mastery of TAIYO, he guides top level business executives and professional Martial Arts Instructors. He currently holds the title Grand Master of the Martial Arts Style Tora No Jutsu, 'The Way of The Tiger', a style that he developed from the original Teachings of TAIYO.

Hong Hu is a New York native, and at the age of eight he became involved in the Martial Arts. He studied under the guidance of American teachers such as Grand Master Perceval, Grand Master Montagnino, Kyoshi Pogliani, Sensei Pietrzak.

After studying Internal Martial Arts in his late teens with the Asian masters Master Takagawa, Master Wu, Doctor Chin, Doctor Waly J, Grand Master Wubin and Grand Master Liang Shou-Yu, he brought the Teachings of TAIYO to the West.  

The Martial Arts is a way of life for Hong Hu, empowering his body, mind and spirit. It has taught him patience, tenacity and a deeper awareness of not just himself but the world around him.