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body, mind & BEYOND

TAIYO is a Helsinki and New York based healing and educational platform with a mission to holistically support your mental, physical and spiritual growth. We believe in the importance of creating environments for healing and transformation to occur. Experience the healing arts of TAIYO through our Healing Studios and School.


Healing Studio

A space that promotes emotional, physical and energetic unwinding

Every person has the ability to heal and come back into homeostasis. Our Healing Studio is an invitation to reach the betterment of the total self. The somatic techniques of TAIYO work with the natural blueprint of the body, encouraging the unlocking of both physical and emotional trauma. Read more about our sessions here; somatic bodywork, alignments and energy work.


Healing School

AN invitation to grow

The curriculum of our Healing School is designed to provide tools for expansion beyond current circumstances, beliefs and behaviours. We offer advanced workshops in Kundalini Yoga and Intuitive Arts, as well as comprehensive certification programs in Somatic Bodywork and Reiki Energy Healing.